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隣の奥さんの堕とし方 JULIA

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JULIA is lonely because she is not having good sex from her husband who is always tired. Therefore, in middle of the night, she quietly ordered a sex toy online so that she can comfort herself without her husband.

Unfortunately, the package was wrongly sent to her neighbor by mistake. The man opened the package and found the sex toy and deducted that Julia must be lonely. When Julia went to take the vibrator from the neighbor, they talked and Julia gave him a blowjob.

The next day, the guy ordered a sailor uniform which in turn was wrongly sent to JULIA. When JULIA went to return the package, the neighbor man grabbed JULIA inside his house and molest her vigorously. Then, the man forced JULIA to get dressed in a sailor suit and had sex.

That night, the neighbor invaded JULIA at the house and fucked her violently by the side of her sleeping husband. With the excitement, lustful JULIA fucked with great passion and finally receive the full load on her face.

Genre: Cuckold ・ Cuckold ・ NTR single work high-definition married woman ・ housewife licking exclusive delivery drama

配信開始日: 2013/07/11
商品発売日: 2013/07/13
収録時間: 116分 (HD版:116分)
出演者: JULIA
監督: 溜池ゴロー
シリーズ: —-
メーカー: 溜池ゴロー
レーベル: 溜池ゴロー
ジャンル: 寝取り・寝取られ・NTR 単体作品 ハイビジョン 人妻・主婦 辱め 独占配信 ドラマ


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