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Watch Jav Online Takimoto was sent a day-to-day to be Kemutagara to female employees who in the head hunting has been the company. One day, was put in the hands of one book a “brainwashing drill”. Writing the name of the next of his wife to sentence a trial, I began to serve the Ji ○ port to suck a …! The next day writing the name of ’em all of the company to the sentences from, brainwashed one after another, it was completely dominated to the sex slaves! ![SDDE-522] Brainwashing Drill Completely manipulate women-only companies to libido meat slave offices Release date: December 21, 2017 Recording time: 125 minutes Performer: — Director: Kei Morikawa Series: – Manufacturer: SOD CREATE Label: SENZ Genre: OL, Planning, Training / Slavery, Drama, Cream Pies, Hypnosis / Brainwashing, Sample Movie Product code: 1sdde522 Takimoto was a head hunted company and sent daily life to female employees. One day, I got one “brainwashing drill”. When I tried writing the name of the wife next to my example in a sentence, I began to serve as supreme …! From the next day I wrote the names of all the members of the company in example sentences, brainwashed one after another, and completely dominated sex slaves! ![SDDE-522] 洗脳ドリル 女性ばかりの会社を性欲肉奴隷オフィスへと完全操作 発売日: 2017/12/21 収録時間: 125分 出演者: —- 監督: 森川圭 シリーズ: —- メーカー: SODクリエイト レーベル: SENZ ジャンル: OL,企画,調教・奴隷,ドラマ,中出し,催眠・洗脳,サンプル動画 品番: 1sdde522 滝本はヘッドハンティングされた会社で女性社員たちに煙たがられる日々を送っていた。ある日、1冊の「洗脳ドリル」を手に入れた。試しに隣の奥さんの名前を例文に書き込むと、チ○ポをむしゃぶるように奉仕し始めた…!翌日から会社の奴ら全員の名前を例文に書き込み、次々と洗脳し、性奴隷へと完全支配した!!

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